How to Install BeeTV on Firestick Under 1 Minute [2023]

This post will explain in detail the steps to download and install BeeTV on FirestickThe good part is that the same set of steps holds for the installation of BeeTV on Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and even Fire TV Stick 4K.

BeeTV is a Firestick remote-friendly third-party streaming app with tons of entertainment available. The app has partnered with many websites that allow it to crawl over them and get high-quality links for you to stream.

Things don’t stop here as the ability of BeeTV to fetch excellent quality links can be further enhanced with Real-Debrid integration. You can even sign in to your Trakt account from the app to keep your viewing history in perfect sync.

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We all know that your Internet Service Providers(ISP) and Government keep on tracking your online activities such as browsing history and much more. Your current IP address is much exposed and can be seen by anyone and maybe they will monitor your connection also. While you are browsing you might get into serious legal troubles if you are found playing copyrighted/licensed content, knowingly or unknowingly.

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: VPN is one of the best tools to hide your privacy if you are in a local WiFi or Home WiFi. BeeTV APK is an application where you are required to use VPN in order to hide your IP address and access the application anonymously and that will help your Privacy and security. We never encourage using any type of apps which goes on piracy. This is for purely educational purpose and here we have listed the Best VPN and Complete Installation Guide.

Best VPN and Complete VPN Installation Guide


How to Install BeeTV APK on Firestick

Before we proceed to the installation part, you must know that since BeeTV on Firestick is a third-party app, you cannot commence installation without toggling ON the option of Apps from Unknown Sources on your Firestick. The following are the steps for doing that.

  • Go to Settings > My Device or My Fire TV.


  • Tap on Developer Options.


  • Click on Apps from Unknown Sources.


  • A warning will come up. Tap on Turn ON.


That’s it! Apps from Unknown Sources is activated on your Firestick. Going forward, let us share with you the steps to download and install BeeTV APK on Firestick/Fire TV.

Why BeeTV is the Best Streaming Platform out there?

BeeTV APK is, hands down, the best streaming platform out there. It has a fantastic UI for finding content that other platforms often overlook, and its HD channels offer unbeatable quality at lightning speeds. It even has DVR support so you can record shows you don’t want to miss. Plus, the interface is extremely user-friendly and intuitive – even a rookie can get around with no problem! All in all, BeeTV APK has raised the bar with regard to streaming quality and usability.

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Install BeeTV APK on Firestick [Downloader App]

  • Please go to Search Tool located on the main menu of your Firestick.


  • Search for Downloader App.


  • Wait for the search results to come up. Tap on Downloader App. The following screenshot will help you in identifying the correct app.


  • Please download and install Downloader App on Firestick.
  • Once the installation is complete, please launch Downloader App.
  • You will be asked to provide permissions to the Downloader App, allowing access to media, photos, and files. Please tap on Allow.


  • Now, the main screen of the Downloader App will come in front of you.
  • On the left-hand side menu of the app, you will see an option captioned Settings. Please go there and enable the option of JavaScript.


  • JavaScript Warning will come up. Tap on Yes.


  • Now, go to the option captioned as Home from the left-hand side menu of the Downloader App.
  • Here, you will see a space will be provided for entering URL. With the help of your remote, please enter the following URL.


Important Note: does not host this APK file. This link is pointing to the installation file hosted at


  • Tap on Go.
  • The APK file for BeeTV application will download now.


  • Wait for the APK file to download. Once the APK file downloads, Firestick will launch the APK file without requiring any intervention from your side.
  • A window will come up asking whether you wish to install BeeTV or not. Please tap on Next.


  • The Next button will change to Install now. Please tap on Install now.


  • The application installation will start now.


  • Please wait for a few minutes for the application to finish the installation.
  • Once completed, an App Installed message will come up.


  • Tap on Done.
  • Next, you will be asked whether you wish to delete the APK file for the BeeTV app or not. We recommend deleting the APK file as it will unnecessarily occupy space on your Firestick. Please note that is not mandatory but recommended.


  • Please tap on Delete.


  • Please tap on Delete once again.
  • Upon launching the application the main screen of BeeTV will look like the following. In later sections of this post, we are going to tell you how to use the app and navigate through it.


Why VPN is necessary to use BeeTV? [ATTENTION!!]

VPN is a must. If you don’t have a VPN, we discourage streaming on third-party apps. Why is that? This is because you won’t know when are you streaming content that holds copyrights or falls outside the public domain. Government and your ISP keeps a track of all the internet activities. You can get into serious legal issues.

However, a VPN can protect your identity and keep your location a secret. But, this is not true for free VPN apps as, in the name of security, free VPN apps don’t even compare to paid VPN subscriptions. Again, the question is that which VPN provides exceptional security. Here we can help you with the answer. The answer is ExpressVPN.

After conducting a series of tests on all VPN services, we have come to a conclusion that ExpressVPN is the best VPN app that provides speed, security, and reliability. In the next section, we are sharing with you the steps to install and setup ExpressVPN on Firestick.

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes. Firestick Helper doesn’t host, own, or operate any third-party apps or add-ons. A good number of these apps come from third-party developers providing unlawful access to copyrighted content. We do not condone accessing pirated content and copyright infringement. Users are responsible for the content they access.

How to Setup VPN on Firestick [ExpressVPN]

Wait! Where are you going? Don’t you need to subscribe to ExpressVPN before continuing? Subscribe to the VPN service from Here and you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can use it free for a complete 30 days. Thereafter, if you don’t like the software(IMO, which usually doesn’t happen), you can ask for a full refund.

  • Please go to Search again from the main menu of your Firestick.


  • Search for ExpressVPN.


  • Please download and install ExpressVPN on Firestick.
  • Post successful installation, please launch ExpressVPN app and tap on Sign In.


  • Here, in the screen, you require entering your username and password that you have received after availing the subscription.
  • Tap on Sign In once again.
  • Now you will be asked to Configure the VPN. Press OK.


  • Next, you will see a Connection Request coming up from ExpressVPN. Tap on OK.


  • Now, a screen will come up asking whether you wish to share crash reports, speed tests for improving ExpressVPN. It is totally up to you what you want to select here.
  • The VPN is now setup on your Firestick.


  • Launch ExpressVPN app and click the big ON button in the center for establishing a VPN connection.


  • Post successful connection, the VPN itself will choose a location for you that will suit you best. This is called Smart Location. However, if you desire so, you can change the location at your convenience.


  • Connected Message will appear on the ExpressVPN app’s main screen once a successful VPN connection is established.
  • Whenever you wish to disconnect, hit the big ON button once again and this time you will see a message Not Connected.

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How to Use BeeTV on Firestick

After how to install BeeTV on Firestick, for using the app, you require to access it. If you have 20 or fewer apps installed, you can find BeeTV APK on the home screen itself. If you have more apps installed, follow the below steps to access BeeTV APK on Firestick.

  • Please expand Your Apps & Channels options and tap on See All.


  • List of applications installed on your Firestick will come up in front of you.
  • Scroll down and you will see the icon of BeeTV.


  • Please tap on the Menu button on your Firestick remote and select the option Move to take BeeTV APK to the top of the list.


  • Please launch BeeTV APK on your Firestick.


  • When you will launch BeeTV APK for the first time, a prompt will come up asking your permissions to allow BeeTV APK on Firestick to access photos, media, and files. Tap on Allow.
  • Also, if an update for the application is available, you will be prompted to update BeeTV to the latest version. Though you can do it later from Settings, but we do recommend to tap on Update button and follow simple on-screen instructions to update the app to the latest version.


  • Now, as shown in the section above, the home screen of BeeTV will come up.
  • Please note that by default the application will show only TV Shows. However, if you wish to access Movies, you require tapping on Movies option available on the left sidebar. 


  • small triangle is available on top-left. That will allow you to view movies according to various genres like Trending, Popular, Top Rated, and more. The same holds true for TV shows as well.


  • The top-right corner of the app holds a direct Search option as well. Using this option you can look for movies/TV shows directly through their title.
  • Next to the direct search icon, you will have a striped inverted triangle. This triangle allows you to filter movies/TV shows by year.


  • The left sidebar has Watch-list option. You can add movies/TV shows under this option to view them later and save yourself from the hassle of looking for them again.
  • You can also access Settings from the left sidebar. Following screenshot shows the options available in Settings menu.


Real Debrid Setup for BeeTV APK on Firestick

  • Launch BeeTV APK and tap on the Settings option available in the left sidebar.


  • From the options, please select Login to Real Debrid.
  • A code will come up on the screen. Please make a note of it.
  • Launch a web browser and go to URL: [].
  • Wait for the webpage to populate.


  • Please enter the code in the space provided.
  • Tap on Continue.
  • A notification will come up stating that Authorization is complete.


  • Now, if you go back to Settings of BeeTV APK, you will see that you are logged on to Real-Debrid.
  • When you search for any movie now on BeeTV app you will see the Real-Debrid links in teal color as visible in the below screenshot.

real-debrid-beetv-apk Setup for BeeTV on Firestick

  • Launch BeeTV APK and tap on the Settings option available in the left sidebar.


  • This time you have to select Login to
  • Again, a code will come up. Please note down the code.
  • Launch a web browser and go to URL: [].
  • Wait for the webpage to populate.


  • Once the webpage populates please enter the code in the space provided.


  • Tap on Continue.
  • Tap on Yes on the dialog box that comes up next.
  • Trakt authorization message will come up.


  • Now, if you go back to Settings, you can see that you are logged on to

How to Add Subtitles on BeeTV

  • On BeeTV, you don’t have to install any external player to view subtitles. Your first step is to look for the content that you wish to stream on BeeTV.
  • Wait for the results to populate.
  • Please hove over a stream source.
  • A pop-up menu as visible in the following screenshot will come up. From this menu, you have to choose to Play with Subtitle option.


  • A list of subtitles will come up in front of you.


  • Please select any subtitles track from the list.
  • Your content will start playing with subtitles now.


BeeTV on Firestick/Fire TV | FAQs

1. Is BeeTV safe to use?

As far as the installation of BeeTV on Firestick is concerned, nobody will stop you from that. However, when it comes to streaming content on BeeTV, you need o take care of a few things to avoid getting trapped in legal issues. As a first, please don’t stream content that hold copyrights and don’t stream content that fall outside the public domain.

Now, you may ask how to identify such titles. However, there is no answer for that question. It is extremely arduous to identify such links and unknowingly we often stream links that we shouldn’t be streaming at that moment. That’s why to keep yourself safe, you need to subscribe to ExpressVPNIt will keep your identity and location a secret; thus, nobody can check what you are streaming.

2. Does BeeTV allow to download content?

Like any other third-party streaming app, you can download content from BeeTV. Though we don’t recommend it on a Firestick as the device has limited storage; but if you are using BeeTV on an Android mobile, you can definitely download your favorite content to the local storage. For doing that, you just need to tap on the download icon present next to your favorite title.

Again, similar to what explained above, you cannot download content that holds copyrights or falls outside the public domain. Hence, again you need to subscribe to the world’s best VPN service ExpressVPNThe VPN will stop others from checking out your location or identity.

3. How is BeeTV more suitable for a Firestick device?

As compared to certain third-party streaming apps that have to ditch features and functionalities to become lightweight; BeeTV app in spite of offering all major features is still a lightweight application perfectly suitable for Firestick. You can watch movies as well as TV series on this light weight app.

4. On which other devices I can install BeeTV app?

You can install BeeTV app on Android mobile and on all Android boxes like Nvidia Shield and more. You can even install BeeTV on Xbox and Play Station. This multi-platform compatibility of BeeTV makes it more popular among movie buffs and TV series lovers.

On the other hand, the app being lightweight attracts all those users who are running low on storage space or have any other space-related concerns on their compatible devices.

5. Can I install BeeTV via ES File Explorer on Firestick?

Yes! You can install BeeTV app on Firestick via ES File Explorer app. However, please note that the ES File Explorer app, as of writing this post, is taking $9.99 to sideload apps on various devices. So, instead of spending $9.99 on installing BeeTV via ES File Explorer, we recommend installing it via the Downloader application method as described in this free post.

Install BeeTV APK on Firestick – Conclusion

We have reached the end of this post now. That was all you need to know regarding the installation of BeeTV on Firestick. If you have any questions popping up in your mind, please feel free to write them down in the comments section provided below. All the answers that you need will be provided on a priority basis. Also, we will love to hear about your experience of using BeeTV on Firestick.

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